N E L L A' S  A R T  G A L L E  R Y

Abstract Expressionism

To enroll one of Nella’s sessions is the beginning in believing in your own artistic powers and to let go of the constraints that daily life imposes on the artist’s mind.  Nella’s sessions teach the student how to replace these constraints with spontaneity ultimately freeing the mind and allowing the creativity to burst out. Painting should be fun and a free expression.  Painting should make you feel at peace. Nella’s class will guide you in exploring and conquering  your fears. Nella’s sessions will enable you to identify the patterns that work and that don’t work. Her sessions will enable you to see the signs pointing  the way to make the connections and to “hear” and “see” empowering yourself with these changes.

The class will consist of 2 hours. Artists must bring easel, canvas and paints, oil or acrylics. It is recommended that you bring a canvas larger than 20" -  a larger sized canvas allows for more freedom of expression.  For more information call Nella at 978-975-0015 or e-mail her at   Nella.Lush@gmail.com    Fee for the 2 hours is $30 per class, on going classes every Thursday night at Nella's studio.

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